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Union Square Events serves ribs in the sky after return from in-flight meals

Not all airlines have resumed serving meals, and most meals are only available on long-haul flights. New York-based JetBlue serves free packaged snacks and drinks, as well as boxed meals for purchase. Although federal law requires anyone over the age of 2 to wear a mask at airports and on airplanes, travelers remove their mask when eating or drinking food.

So far, the return of Union Square meals to Delta flights is a soft start, with around 250 meals served on flights each day, about half the volume before the pandemic.

While the partnership is only one part of Union Square Events’ catering business, it provides crucial predictability as the company rehires staff and plans for the near future.

“In the restaurant business it’s amazing to have a consistent business,” said Dan Dilworth, Director of Culinary Operations. “The fact that this is consistent, rather than running catering events, which is fast and slow, helps us bring back employees. “

The resumption of airline activity comes as Union Square Events puts the finishing touches to a 70,000 square foot space on 41st Street in Industry City, Brooklyn. Once the move is completed in early fall, Dilworth said, Delta food will be produced in bulk at the new location, and he hopes to host the airline’s next tasting in the brand new kitchen.