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Union Square Advisors Releases 2022 Outlook Report: “The Power of Resilience: Technology Positioned Well for 2022”

The fifth annual report highlights the company’s forecasts and outlook for the coming year for technology mergers and acquisitions and capital raising.

Union Square Advisors, a technology-focused investment bank, today announced the release of its 2022 Outlook Report: The power of resilience: technology is well positioned for 2022.

Union Square Advisors predicts that 2022 will be another strong and successful year for tech deals as technology has proven resilient despite the continued impacts of the pandemic and the divided US political climate. The technology has demonstrated a much-needed ability to support businesses through innovation, while delivering strong returns to investors in the process. As 2022 brings with it additional headwinds (e.g. COVID variants, inflation, interest rate hikes and supply chain constraints), the company believes that the abundance of capital available resources and the ability to finance technical innovation will allow the sector to maintain its momentum in 2022. .

Specific areas that the firm says will explode in 2022 include:

  • The confluence of IoT and AI (AIoT): The confluence of IoT and AI (AIoT) has proven to deliver tangible return on investment in the form of analytics-driven process and yield optimization, cost savings and a reduction in the waste of materials in sectors such as manufacturing. In 2022, companies will look to leverage this technology to achieve new levels of return on investment.
  • Information technology services and solutions: Last year, companies were forced to turn to new models to include digitized sales and marketing lead generation, customer service interaction, and corporate communications. Therefore, we can expect IT services and software to continue to be hot solutions that companies use to automate and create a seamless and simple experience for their employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Cloud-native infrastructure: Cloud-native infrastructure has demonstrated how it can help companies manage inherent build and run applications, as well as develop data management infrastructure. So there is no doubt that in 2022, infrastructure software ratings will remain high, especially for companies that have scaled efficiently. and grew rapidly.

“In 2021, the tech sector demonstrated a resilience that we believe enables businesses to experience more growth in the year ahead,” said Carter McClelland, president and co-founder of Union. Square Advisors. “The verticals we focus on, such as digital transformation, enterprise software, cloud computing, real estate technology and more, are well positioned for success in 2022.”

“We remain optimistic that technology will continue to be one of the bright spots in the US economy,” said Ted Smith, president and co-founder. “Our outlook for 2022 is positive and we expect our clients to remain active in closing deals over the coming year.”

For the full report, go HERE.

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