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Union Bank faces Rs 200 fine for violation of Navratri dress code; withdraw the order

After members of the All India Union Bank Employees Federation wrote to Union Bank Managing Director and CEO Raj Kiran Rai G, the back office central office digitization department withdrew its official instruction which required all employees to dress according to a define a color code on the nine days of Navratri. The employees, who had not disguised themselves in accordance with the code, had to pay a sum of Rs. 200 as a fine, according to the official instruction.

Union Bank of India central office sets color code for Navratri

The official instruction read: “On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, all staff and supplier partners working on site are requested to follow the color code of the day”, and listed – “Yellow will be worn on Thursday 7th October, green on Friday October 8, Gray on Saturday October 9, Orange on Sunday October 10 “and so on. Below the list, the bank said there would be a” penalty of Rs 200 each for do not adhere to colors “.

Subsequently, members of the All India Union Bank Employees Federation wrote to Union Bank Managing Director and CEO Raj Kiran Rai G. In the letter, members expressed their concerns about AR Raghavendra, general manager of the central office digitization department. taking authorization from the CEO in accordance with established protocols, and said, “Whether he obtained the authorization or not, we hereby file a strong protest against such righteous and dictatorial action by Raghavendra. “

“Navaratri is a religious holiday and should be observed and celebrated privately and unofficially in a public sector bank that maintains a high regard for the secular fabric of our society. The celebration of any holiday is a voluntary phenomenon that does not room for any instruction / coercion away from talking about sanction, “the MPs added in the letter, blaming the CEO for abusing power. Members also urged the CEO to settle Raghavendra’s responsibility and take the appropriate action against him for using the Bank logo to “meet his personal wishes”.

The bank withdraws the order

Subsequently, the bank withdrew the order. In a new notification, the bank said: “This is the letter Digitization: 132: 2021 of 10/01/2021, in which on the occasion of Navaratri, the Department asked to follow the dress code of color. from 7 to 15 (excluding public holidays) “. The back added: “In this regard, we are withdrawing the aforementioned letter with immediate effect.”

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