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the managing director of Atul Kumar Goel PNB; The hunt is on for Union Bank CEO – The New Indian Express

Through Express news service

NEW DELHI: The Cabinet Appointments Committee (ACC) has approved the name of Atul Kumar Goel, who is currently Managing Director and CEO of UCO Bank, as the Special Service Office at Punjab National Bank.

“The order will come into effect from the date of entry into office of said office until 31.01.2022 and as General Manager and Chief Executive Officer, Punjab National Bank, Vice Shri Ch. SS Mallikarjuna Rao, to from 01.02.2022 and until the date on which he has reached retirement age (ie 31.12.2024), or until further notice, whichever comes first ”, indicates the official letter from the ACC.

The ACC also authorized the name of Soma Sankara Prasad, currently Deputy Managing Director of State Bank of India, as Managing Director and CEO of UCO Bank, effective from the date Atul Kumar Goel resigns. .

Meanwhile, the Banks Board Bureau (BBB), the designated headhunter for public banks and financial institutions, has called for applications for the post of Managing Director and Managing Director of Union Bank of India for a three-year term.

Rajkiran Rai G is currently the Managing Director and CEO, but is expected to retire in May 2022.