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Shoppers head to Union Square in San Francisco for last-minute freebies

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Amid giant Christmas trees, festive wreaths and dazzling lights, Union Square was packed with people Friday night.

Many of them went to stores to buy last-minute items.

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“Well, we had lunch at Neiman Marcus and we did some last-minute shopping at Macy’s. We forgot a few things,” Mallory McGowan said.

Others had their shopping lists already filled and came out just to see the decorations.
“I’ve always been coming for many years,” said Jenny Tsang.

Neha Monga came with her family.

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“Last year we weren’t absent because the pandemic was really at its peak. But this year is very busy,” Monga said.

But shopping wasn’t the only thing on people’s minds. After the break-ins that happened here just a few weeks ago, security was also a consideration.
Law enforcement has been a notable presence outside Union Square stores this holiday season after armed robberies rocked the area several weeks ago.

Their presence gave many buyers we spoke to a sense of security.

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“It’s well lit. Everything’s been renovated. It’s beautiful. Lots of people. Just a really nice day and evening,” Bell Burns said.

The other priority issue was COVID.

But despite omicron’s threat, many say they won’t let it ruin their holiday spirit.

“All we have to do is be careful, wear a mask and wash our hands all the time,” Comie Sotio said.

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