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Resnick Student Union set to open in fall 2022 with new amenities

The developers have constructed most of the exterior of the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Student Union (RSU) as university officials plan to open the building by fall 2022.

The 84,000 square foot building will include amenities such as a ballroom and 24/7 student access rooms.

Colin Stewart, associate dean of student engagement, said RSU will provide unique services that were not previously offered on campus by the current University Student Union.

Stewart highlighted amenities such as a breastfeeding room, cafe, and three new dining options.

“I truly believe this will change and improve the student experience so significantly from the way students engage with each other, how they engage with campus, I see this building as a beacon, I see this building as a space to draw students in, ”said Stewart.

The RSU will also include a third floor of more than 3,000 square feet, which will provide workspace for executives, clubs and other organizations, according to Stewart.

Anissa Romero, a second-year major in speech pathology, said the inclusion of this equipment in the RSU interested her in joining a student organization to help have a full student experience.

“I actually thought about it and just knew there was a lot more open space for people. I mean, that’s what really matters, to me, where it makes me think a little more about whether I would or not. But for the moment, it’s a little more on the side of the will, ”said Romero.

Kaden Sherrell, a second-year major in agriculture, said having a 24/7 student access zone would be a beneficial tool for in-person students who will need to study for the finals.

“I think it’s a surprise that there is nothing here that works 24/7, especially during finals week or just in general… A place to come 24/7, 7 days a week would benefit everyone, ”Sherrel said.

The RSU will also feature a multi-purpose ballroom that people can divide into three individual spaces for events as well as a three-level amphitheater.

Outdoor movies and other outdoor events can be arranged at RSU with the addition of a grand staircase.

Giovanni Aguayo, a sophomore graphic design student, noted that the new additions could be a way for the campus community to come together and show off what students are doing at the university.

“I think that’s a good idea… I think we should do different movies here and there that people enjoy and maybe they can show like the little documentaries that students make so people can have it. a better idea of ​​what students are doing on campus, ”Aguayo said.

Students will have over 40 unique locations to use as study areas and over 10 meeting rooms, including a rooftop lounge.

The RSU will also be solar powered and will incorporate LEED Gold equivalent standards to promote sustainability and help keep the building green.

“When it comes to sustainability, that’s what drives us. What can we do as building users? What practices can we use when putting in place that will allow us to keep the building as green as possible? Said Stewart.

The architecture of the RSU includes concrete fins on the exterior of the building to help prevent direct sunlight from hitting the interior of the building during the hottest part of the day.

Due to the pandemic, RSU has faced supply chain issues and labor shortages resulting in delays. Additionally, pending approval from the state fire marshal’s office, officials have pushed back the scheduled opening date to fall 2022.

A majority of the construction will focus on interior building systems such as electricity, said Lisa Boyles Bell, Fresno State Public Information Officer.