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Here is your Union Bank routing number

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Union Bank operates under its parent company Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group. The company claims to have a global vision to be the most trusted financial group in the world and considers integrity, respect and service to be one of its core values.

If this sounds like a bank you want to do business with, you will need to know your routing number after you open an account. You will also need to know this number if you don’t have a Union Bank account but want to do certain transactions with someone who does. Finding your Union Bank routing number is simple and straightforward.

See all Union Bank routing numbers in the table below.

Union Bank routing numbers by state

Union Bank Routing Numbers
ACH for all accounts 122000496
Check Processing – California 122000496
Check Processing – Georgia 122000496
Check Processing – Illinois 122000496
Check Processing – New York 026005050
Check Processing – Oregon 122000496, 123000068
Check Processing – Texas 111026041
Check Processing – Washington 122000496, 125000118
Controlled disbursement for all accounts 122241501

What is a Union Bank routing number?

Each financial institution, including Union Bank, is assigned a special code by the US Federal Reserve. The code has several names, including an ABA routing number, an ACH number, and a bank transit number. It is most often referred to as a routing number.

This number consists of nine digits that identify the bank or credit union you are using, as well as the location of the bank or credit union. This is possible because two financial institutions do not have the same routing number. Whenever you complete a transaction using a paper check or send money electronically, the financial institution will look at the routing number to find out exactly where the funds need to go.

How to find your Union Bank routing number

There are several ways to find a Union Bank routing number. If you remember the state in which you opened your account, just use the table.

If you have a Union Bank checking account, you can also find your routing number on a check – the check routing number is the first nine digits in the lower left corner. However, you might not have a check handy, so you can also call Union Bank anytime at 800-238-4486 to find your account routing number. If you have no idea which number to use, you should consider calling Union Bank because using the right number could mean the difference between your money going to the right or wrong account.

Understanding your Union Bank routing number

Each routing number contains three distinct sets of numbers. The Federal Reserve calls the first set of digits the Federal Reserve processing symbol, because the four digits used to compose that set of digits identify the specific district and processing location in which the bank or credit union is located.

The first two digits represent in which of the 12 districts the financial institution is located. If you take a look at Union Bank’s direct deposit routing number, 122000496, you’ll see that the 12 reveals that the bank operates in the 12th district, which is San Francisco. A 05 would indicate Richmond and 10 is Kansas City. The numbers three and four in the first set of numbers indicate the bank’s regional processing center and its location.

The second set of digits in the routing number consists of digits five through eight and is used to identify your specific bank or credit union. This means that 0049 numbers are reserved for Union Bank. The Federal Reserve uses the last set of digits, which is just one digit, as a way to ensure that the entire routing number is valid. This digit is rightly called the “check digit” and it is derived from a special mathematical algorithm.

Different routing numbers for bank transfers

In addition to sometimes being assigned multiple routing numbers for checks and direct deposits, such as Union Bank, financial institutions are usually assigned a different routing number to use for wire transfers. Union Bank uses 122000496 for transfers. Customers who wish to send a wire transfer outside of the United States may also be asked to provide a SWIFT code, which consists of both letters and numbers. This code always contains between eight and 11 characters. Union Bank’s SWIFT code is BOFCUS33MPK.

Union Bank Wiring Numbers
Routing number 122000496
Swift Code BOFCUS33MPK

Know where to find your ABA banking number

Union Bank customers can quickly locate their bank transit number by viewing their checks. The first set of numbers in the lower left corner of each check is the bank routing number. Next to it, you’ll see your specific account number, with the check number printed right after. The ABA routing number is also printed on the deposit slips issued with each series of checks.

Another way to find your routing number is to call Union Bank customer service at 800-238-4486. A representative can search for the number and provide it to you over the phone.

Information is correct as of October 18, 2021

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