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Defaced Floyd statue must be cleaned up and moved to Union Square

BROOKLYN, NY – It has been a month since vandals defaced a statue of George Floyd in Flatbush, Brooklyn, just days after it was unveiled on June 19.

The suspects sprayed black paint on the statue in the middle of the night and wrote the website of a white nationalist group.

He wouldn’t stay disfigured for long.

What do you want to know

  • A statue of George Floyd in Brooklyn was defaced days after it was unveiled on June 19
  • The group behind the statue will take it to a studio for further cleaning before it goes to Union Square
  • Police say no arrests have been made as hate crimes unit investigation continues

“I heard the news of the vandalism. I was so proud that I learned that Flatbush held it down, really supported us, watched over the statue, looked after my brother’s spirit,” said Terrence Floyd, George Floyd’s brother. .

The group behind the statue worked long hours with the community to clean it up.

On Thursday, the community came together to celebrate George Floyd and say thank you, with music and a food gift.

“It took us hours and hours of physically cleaning with toothbrushes and with your hands and really the only method that worked was really, really putting elbow grease on it,” said Andrew Cohen, founder of Confront Art.

“It’s still tarnished,” said Lindsay Eshelman, another Confront Art founder. “Some of the vandalism that happened, we work so hard to make it go away, but it’s still there, but it’s a reminder that even if someone came to destroy something, as a community, we rebuilt it.”

There is still work to do.

On Monday, he will be back in a studio for a more thorough cleaning.

Then in September, it will be displayed in Union Square as part of a project called SEEINJUSTICE that will also feature statues of Breonna Taylor and the late Congresswoman and civil rights leader John Lewis.

“The memory will always be there, but to see this, that he’s going to be missed, that he won’t be there until the statue, it’s going to be a sad feeling,” Flatbush resident Randy Jones said.

For Terrence Floyd, a message for those who defaced the statue in tribute to his brother: “I laughed about it because you are trying to stop it, but you can’t stop us and we will continue with love anyway.”