Union bank

BBB recommends A Manimekhalai as Managing Director and CEO of Union Bank of India


Rajkiran Rai G, the Managing Director and CEO of Union Bank, will complete his term by the end of May. The government had extended its mandate beyond June 30, 2020.

BBB said in a Twitter post that it also recommended the name of Ajay Kumar Srivastava as Managing Director and CEO of Chennai-based Indian Overseas Bank and Swaroop Kumar Saha for the post of Managing Director and CEO of Punjab. & Sindh Bank based in Delhi.

The office interacted with 15 candidates from various public sector banks, on the basis of which it made recommendations for three MD-CEO positions, taking into account performance during the interaction, overall experience, parameters and preferences they gave.

The three names on the reserve list are K Satyanarayana Raju, Nitesh Ranjan and Debadatta Chand.

The Indian government will take a final call on the nominations and issue the necessary communications.

Meanwhile, BBB said after interacting with 21 candidates in March, he had recommended Alok Kumar Choudhary for the MD job at State Bank of India. He is currently in charge of the finance function as deputy managing director. He was previously the bank’s development manager and also handled the human resource management function.

Ashwini Bhatia, current MD at SBI, is moving to Sebi as a full-time member.

Vijay M Tonse is on the reserve list for the MD job at the country’s biggest lender. Tonse is Managing Director of SBI Mutual Fund.