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5 Benefits of Atlantic Union Bank Cash Management Services

In partnership with Virginia Business, we wanted to share with you information about our cash management services, a suite of features, and an overall strategy that can help you manage important aspects of your business’ financial infrastructure.

  1. Automating
    From managing payroll and remote check deposits to everything in between, automating your business processes will create efficiencies and give you peace of mind. It can also create an opportunity to streamline the responsibilities of employees who perform manual and time-consuming tasks.
  2. Strong customer accounts
    An important aspect of running your business is ensuring you have a strong accounts receivable process and maximizing the flow of incoming payments. ACH Payments, Remote Deposit Capture and Lockbox Services help you get the job done.
  3. Efficient payment processes
    Efficient payment processes are essential for your business. Our cash management services offer several options that provide efficient and secure ways to pay vendors and/or vendors. ACH disbursement services, integrated accounts payable, purchasing cards, and wire transfers can help streamline your processes.
  4. Maximize cash flow
    Having cash and actively managing those funds are essential elements of successful business cash flow. Atlantic Union Bank offers a number of account types that can meet these goals, including sweep accounts that can automate the investment of your excess funds.
  5. Fraud prevention
    The implications of a data breach are far-reaching and can negatively impact the reputation and operation of your business. Our ACH Positive Pay and ACH Debit Block can help prevent an attack.

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To learn more about Atlantic Union Bank’s full suite of cash management services, visit https://www.atlanticunionbank.com/commercial/treasury-management

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